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Almost every modern application makes use of the cloud.  Sometimes it is for simple data storage and collaboration.  In other situations, the applications are completely hosted in the cloud.  These hosted applications often make use of a multitude of cloud components, or micro-services, that, when woven together, create a powerful solution.  The beauty of this design is that you can easily use pre-existing components for powerful functions such as artificial intelligence and complex mathematical algorithms. 

The key to successfully leveraging the cloud is to have a solid architectural design. This is where we can help.  Our years of experience with distributed systems give us a clear picture of the optimal architecture needed to build successful cloud applications. In today’s environment, we can easily spin up a cloud hosted database that will work directly with a mobile application to give you a fully functional application that can run on any device – an iPhone, Android, or a Windows PC.  This will allow your users to work in your environment on the platform of their choice.

Cloud & IoT Applications

The cloud is also useful for the remote management of IoT devices. In this topology, devices can be connected to a cloud platform so that they can be managed remotely.  This allows a system to obtain data and analytics from a widespread array of IoT enabled components.  This can include factory components such as pumps, motors, and valves, as well as consumer products like pellet grills, refrigerators, garage doors, vehicles, and home generators.

One advantage of the modern cloud architecture is that the hosting and server implementation can be easily outsourced to several competent providers.  This means that you can focus on building an application that accomplishes your objectives while using cloud services that are hosted and managed by a 3rd party.  These hosting services are reasonably priced, and easily scalable with your growing customer base.  No longer do you have to worry about your growing application’s ability to handle thousands of users.  By simply scaling the provider’s services, your application becomes multi-homed and available worldwide with high performance.

Helping your customers succeed is our ultimate goal. We can help by building an architecture that leverages the cloud to empower your users.

Let’s Talk About Cloud and IoT Applications

Helping your customers succeed is our ultimate goal. We can help by building an architecture that leverages the cloud to empower your users. No matter if your challenges involve Big Data, IoT, mobile cloud, or traditional distributed computing we are prepared to offer the most effective software architecture. 

Contact us today to see how we can develop an architectural plan to best meet your customer’s needs.

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