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Our team has designed, created, and delivered purpose-built software solutions products for more than 25 years.

HammerHead Logic understands the unique demands of industry specific software.


What We Do

Software for Engineering and Custom applications.

Our team has successfully installed literally thousands of software solutions in use by satisfied customers, from small family-owned businesses to fortune 100 multinational corporations

We describe our software as scalable and designed for current and future use. As your business grows and evolves our applications are ready to keep pace.

Our diverse engineering background means our solutions will be uniquely focused on meeting your needs. By understanding your business needs we can focus our attention on the optimal solution and exceed customer expectations.

Our teams’ natural insatiable curiosity means we maintain interest in new technologies and their impact on design and manufacturing. We will become well versed in your business so we can keep your applications at a competitive edge.

We have so much confidence in our advantages that we are willing to invest in your success. Together we will determine the end products value and the number of likely users. Armed with this information we can design pricing and investment that meets both of our objectives.



Understanding the unique demands of software for the aviation industry is a key asset we provide with our experience. We are especially familiar with many of the design and manufacturing challenges for aerospace manufacturers.



Nearly every industry seeks to better utilize automation in order lessen production costs, increase flexibility, improve quality, and expand manufacturing throughput while enhancing worker safety. We have the capabilities of applying software solutions to optimize your machine or manufacturers performance.


User Friendly

Everyone wants software with an easy-to-use user interface. Yet opinions on what is easy to use can vary so broadly that often software developers resort to relying on pretty pictures. Given that approach the focus becomes who can imagine and create the handsomest graphics.


Construction Industry

Modular construction is the process by which a structure (whether it be an apartment, business building, home or even a large product like an oceangoing ship) are manufactured in major components (modules) often using the same materials as conventional builds.


Energy Sector

Atomic particles, wind, water, biofuels, light, magnetic, or even fossil fuels have some of the same challenges. How can energy output be maximized with the least amount of residual impact on the environment during processing or in generation of waste.


Cloud & iOT

The key to successfully leveraging the cloud is to have a solid architectural design. This is where we can help. Our years of experience with distributed systems give us a clear picture of the optimal architecture to build successful cloud applications.

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25+ Years of Engineering & Software experience. Elegant solutions that grow with your business.

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