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Everyone wants software with an easy-to-use user interface. Yet, the definition for “easy-to-use” is a moving target, one that can vary from person to person so broadly that software developers often resort to relying on pretty pictures, turning the focus from function to who can create the most appealing graphics. At HammerHead Logic, we find that achieving optimum system performance is the critical groundwork for achieving a user-friendly interface. We use a multi-step approach to design an interface that is personalized, user friendly, functional, and designed for the optimal user experience.

A Better User Interface

We begin our process with a conversation about your project. In this phase, we want to learn how the machine is being used, what the operator needs to do his job, and how supervision is intending for the job to be done. Our goal during this step is to identify constraints that hamper either the user or system performance, and to work together to come up with solutions.

After we understand each perspective, we focus our resources on enhancing functionality and the refinement of processes. Once the system operation is optimized, we can quickly offer simulations on how a User Interface could function. We can then iterate software user interface versions until everyone’s needs are met.

Let’s Talk About User Interfaces

We won’t be satisfied until your interface is looking and working flawlessly to meet your needs.  Contact us today to see how we can help make your vision a reality.

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