Automation, Software

Nearly every industry seeks to better utilize automation to expand manufacturing, improve quality, lessen production costs, increase flexibility, and enhance worker safety. Whatever your specific needs, HammerHead Logic has the advanced software solutions you need to optimize your machine or manufacturing performance.

Robotic Factory

Our manufacturing automation software has been used to improve communications between man and machine as well as between different machines. It can also predict and provide advanced warning of systemic lapses, automate customized maintenance plans unique to each machine, verify product conformance in process, calibrate systems to ensure continued work cell performance, and improve human machine interfaces. 

Systems architected by the HammerHead Logic team are deployed in factories specializing in a wide variety of products, including automobile, rail, scientific, modular construction, aircraft, spacecraft, communications, shipbuilding, research, and development. 

Let’s Talk About Automation

Whether you need a highly optimized, coordinated high speed production cell or just a more timely, meaningful management reporting system, we are ready to help by engineering software solutions that address your unique needs. We’re certain HammerHeadLogic will be able to meet your challenges head on with the determination and resourcefulness that we bring to every project. 

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