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The most asked question we receive is, “How, or why, did you pick the name HammerHead Logic?”

Those of you responsible for naming a new business will certainly relate to the challenges. However, we believe our name is quite descriptive and conveys our purpose well.

No doubt the hammerhead shark is our namesake, so no explanation is complete without understanding the shark’s unique traits. 

What's in a name?

The great hammerhead shark is an apex predator, the slayer of slayers. They prefer warm water either shallow or deep but will travel wherever required to locate prey. They are capable solitary hunters but often choose to hunt cooperatively. Their multiple colors blend into surroundings well.

The widespread forward tilted eyes not only deliver highly accurate distance vision but since each eye can rotate independently their field of view has no blind spots. With slight head movements long range panoramic vision is possible.

The hammer shaped head (termed a cephalofoil) provides not only a unique tool for tracking prey but combined with a large dorsal fin and unbelievable flexibility also enables extremely fast maneuvering. Their quick dramatic movements are seemingly unpredictable and facilitates unusual angles of attack. The unique shaped head also houses multiple sensors increasing olfactory and electro sensory abilities. Hammerhead sharks can locate prey even when embedded and covered on the sea floor. All these traits contribute to the hammerhead shark’s apex predator status.

Merriam Webster defines logic as “a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration: the science of the formal principles of reasoning”. Using logic one can distinguish what is necessarily true from what is possibly true. By determining the probability of success of alternative solutions while considering the various variables in play, one can derive an optimal solution. Logic is an essential problem-solving tool for engineers.

So, what does HammerHead Logic mean to you?

We consider ourselves slayers of inefficiency, ineffectiveness, waste, and any other constraint to business success. We use logical software solutions to terminate or circumvent such constraints. We consider such challenges our prey. We approach such opportunities from numerous angles to gain a more comprehensive perspective. We work tirelessly, utilizing all senses, to truly understand the local ecosystem. As engineers we utilize our problem-solving skills rooted in logic to determine potential terminations of our prey and isolate the optimal solution. Using this methodology, we have enjoyed success in a wide variety of industries and business environments.

Let’s Talk About HammerHead Logic working for you!

Our problem-terminating approach has been successful in many industries. The use of software solutions using best fit algorithms, applied numerical optimizations, spatial transformations, and spatial relationships can be useful in solving a wide variety of manufacturing and general business challenges. If you have a unique problem that needs a fresh solution, let’s talk about how we can help.

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